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    $12/hr Starting at $100

    Branding has been my morning flakes for the past 4 years and well I have still not been able to get into the desired (perfect) shape of my life but have been able to perform considerably good. "These...

    Benefits AdministrationBrand AdvertisingBrand ConsultingBrand DevelopmentBranding

    $12/hr Starting at $100

    Quality Marketing doesn't feel like marketing at all- Catering to balancing one's rational & primal brain feeding is something I serve and have been since the last 6 years for multi-million dollar companies...

    Blog WritingBrandingContent DeliveryContent Delivery Networks (CDN)Content Marketing
  • Strategic Consulting

    $12/hr Starting at $100

    With 10+ yrs of diverse Sales & Marketing experience in IT/Collectibles/Publishing/Branding services, with ownership of upwards of $4M, you can expect a degree of professionalism and processes. This...

    Brand ConsultingBrandingConsultantEmailInformation Technology
  • UI/UX Design

    $12/hr Starting at $100

    User Experience has never been of more importance now with companies thriving in every sector for the top rung of their customers category ladder. Hire UI/UX Designer for a wide variety of design services...

    App DevelopmentBrandingBusiness ConsultingCreative DesignDesign
  • Package Designing

    $12/hr Starting at $250

    With shelves optimisation being a problem statement for a lot of products, packaging & user experience become most important in selection of your products. Providing completely unique and eye catching...

    2D Design3D DesignBrand IdentityBrandingDesign
  • Social Media Posts Creatives

    $12/hr Starting at $250

    Today, more than ever, social media has become a conduit between your customer and your business. The more you engage with the customer in the right way, the better the relationship becomes. I aim at...

    BrandingBusiness ServicesDesignEmailFacebook

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Spreading knowledge about the usage of Branding as a concept in the overall lifecycle.

"Branding" is a mental construct that establishes a latent bond between ones need/desire to a fulfilling entity. "Evangelist" is someone who tries to persuade others to a cause.

As a "Branding evangelist" I persuade others to understand the true meaning of Branding and assist them to make a bond with their customers, post which marketing and selling becomes just a process. I am still learning, thats why just an evangelist or else it would have be expert.

I can bifurcate my expertise in 2 disciplines:

1. Strategic Branding:
Putting Research (Primary & Secondary) to good use
Strategic understanding of touchpoints & leveraging it like never before
Understanding Customer latent needs & desires through behavioral economics.
Understanding of Possible Brand strategies to scale up

2. Tactical Implementation:
Documenting the strategy for company DNA inculcation
Creating Manuals, workbooks, departmental ethos, Scaling up processes, Brand Identity and more
Digital Marketing approach and execution - Performance Marketing
Touchpoint implementation

"Your story should be solving a singular problem, and then bring a community together to solve that very problem - You do that, your story sells."

If you consider my expertise a good fit for your business scaling, I would surely like to hear from you. Please contact me on the undersigned....

Contact me @ skype: Branding Evangelist
Email me on

Work Terms

The responsibilities, compensation and payment terms of any project would be agreed upon at the time of hiring. Working as a small close-knit team I am flexible in context to the engagement following the processes.

Technology has made it possible to be available at all times and so am I - Get in touch anytime, will respond* immediately. "if I am awake of-course & I sleep very little".
My associates say I am good with talking & I second that too.. so do-not limit yourself to contact me on one platform, connect with me on my cell, via Whatsapp, email, Skype or guru message.

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