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Top Foley Artist Freelancing Services

  • View Service Offered By Hunter Foley

    Hunter Foley

    Louisville, Ohio, United States

    • foley artist
    • CSS
    • HTML

    React|Vue|Angular|PHP|Node|... Developer

    Hello, I'm a very professional React/Angular/Vue/PHP/Node developer. I would love to hear from you clients any time if you have project for me. Thanks, Victor

  • View Service Offered By Axel Raighn

    Axel Raighn

    La Vergne, Tennessee, United States

    • foley artist
    • Analytics
    • Artist

    Audio Services (Including Foley)

    Axel Raighn offers audio post-production/editing, Foley Production, In def sound analysis, mixing, mastering and Restoration for any upcoming artists, commercial enterprises, radio stations, independe...

  • View Service Offered By Dmitry Gruber

    Dmitry Gruber

    Perm, Permskiy Kray, Russian Federation

    • foley artist
    • Design
    • Sound Design

    Foley, sound design and sound effects

    I will do foley, sound design and sound effects for your project! Contact me for discussing all the details!

  • View Service Offered By Stelios Antoniadis

    Stelios Antoniadis

    paralia, Pieria, Greece

    • foley artist
    • Audio Editing
    • Audio Engineering


    I can create Foley sounds from scratch, and also embed them on your video. Looking forward to working with you!

  • View Service Offered By Dmitrii Nakhimov

    Dmitrii Nakhimov

    Tyumen', Tyumen', Russian Federation

    • foley artist
    • Final Cut Pro X
    • Logic Pro

    sound design | foley | audio/video edit

    Hello. HQ performance of the following types of tasks: I work with many other tools for audio/video production: I have excellent problem solving skills. I am well organized and able to work within s...

  • View Service Offered By Albert Vidal

    Albert Vidal

    Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

    • foley artist
    • Feature Writing
    • Recording

    Recording / Foley

    My studio features high-end preamps and microphones to get the best results for any kind of recording job, including voiceover recording and foley.

  • View Service Offered By Sergio Vásquez

    Sergio Vásquez

    Bogota, Cundinamarca, Colombia

    • foley artist
    • Audio Post Production
    • Backgrounds


    Foley (named after sound-effects artist Jack Foley)[1] is the reproduction of everyday sound effects that are added to film, video, and other media in post-production to enhance audio quality.[2] Thes...

  • View Service Offered By Jesper Holm Højholdt

    Jesper Holm Højholdt

    Slagelse, Zealand, Denmark

    • foley artist
    • Artist
    • Audio Post Production

    Sound / Foley / Music / Audio Designer

    I have a enormous passion for sound. I have worked with sound for over seven years. It includes music, sound editing, sound design, mixing/mastering, foley, cleaning, composition, sound supervising et...

  • View Service Offered By José Pérez Audio

    José Pérez Audio

    Tamarindo, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

    • foley artist
    • Audio Editing
    • Audio Mastering

    Sound Engineer - Sound Designer - Foley

    I''m a freelancer Sound Engineer - Sound Designer - Foley Artist - Electronic Music Producer - Graphic Designer (more of a Hobby really) currently based in costa rica. I''ve been working with Audio for ...

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Hire Freelance Foley Artists

Foley is a post-production process in filmmaking which involves creating background sounds to enhance visual effects. These sounds include footsteps, rustling of clothes, squeaking of doors and breaking glass among others that are synced to the exact video frame. Foley adds a sense of reality to a video without which videos seem unnatural and awkward. Foley artists recreate these sounds in their studio and add them to videos to enhance the auditory experience of the film. They also cover up the sounds that are captured naturally while filming such as passing traffic or overflying planes. Another practice where Foley is commonly employed is dubbing of dialogues using Automatic Dialogue Replacement (ADR). Foley artists record the dialogues after film production and synchronize them with the film accurately for international distribution. If you require the addition of post-production sounds to your videos, you can opt for the services of Foley artists for hire on online freelance websites such as Guru.

What Is a Foley Artist?

Foley Artists use physical props to create realistic audio effects for videos. Unlike audio engineers or sound production experts, Foley Artists do not recreate sounds such as explosions or background noises from cars. Instead, they focus on the finer sounds that require a high degree of precision, such as stomping of shoes on the floor while a person walks. Foley Artists make fight scenes come alive by recreating sounds such as clanging of swords and punches. They use commonly available items for creating these sounds, for example, they flap gloves to indicate a bird flying away. Once all essential sounds are created for the film, they synchronize them perfectly to the ongoing action so that it seems that they were a part of the recording.

If you are looking for Foley artists for hire, you can connect with experts on some of the top freelancing sites. Before you opt for their services, you need to ensure that the person:

  • Is creative, imaginative and can make use of everyday objects to create unusual sounds

  • Can work with a variety of sound equipment and software for sound recreation and synchronization

  • Understands the post-production processes in filmmaking and can enhance the quality of the final video by adding relevant sound effects

Qualifications of Foley Artists

Expert Foley artists can help you come across as an experienced filmmaker through their creative sound effects. Here are some of the qualifications you should consider before you hire an expert.

  • Professional education and training in Film Production Techniques, Audio Production, and Recording Arts

  • Sound technical knowledge of electronics, acoustics, and sound editing

  • Extensive portfolio of several unusual sound effects created for different video producers

Benefits of Freelance Foley Artists

  • They can help elicit specific emotions in your audience such as fear, joy and anger through their sound effects.

  • They can help give depth and reality to your video by filling in long pauses.

  • They can help you come across as a professional video producer with expert knowledge of filmmaking.

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