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Top Sequential Art Freelancing Services

  • View Service Offered By holaso70


    Seattle, Washington, United States

    • sequential art
    • Comic Art
    • Comic Book Art

    Comic Books and Graphic Novels

    In the mid 1990''s much of my work was featured in the leading comicbook distribution magazine, PREVIEWS. I left the comicbook industry because the pay was too unstable to support a young family but I...

  • View Service Offered By Ihor Kalchuk

    Ihor Kalchuk

    Kiev, Kiev, Ukraine

    • sequential art
    • Artist
    • Character Design

    Comic book artist/illustrator

    Hi my name is Ihor Kalchuk and I am a freelance comic book illustrator/artist .You can come to me for any of your comic art needs. From sequential art, to pin ups and comic covers, to character design...

  • View Service Offered By Marcelo Simonetti

    Marcelo Simonetti

    Montevideo, Montevideo, Uruguay

    • sequential art
    • Book Illustration
    • Caricatures

    Penciler, inker,

    I think one of my strengths is that I was formed as both graphic designer and traditional illustrator. Therefore I can evaluate each project requirements such as time completion or the need of color a...

  • View Service Offered By wojczyszyn


    Kharkiv, Kharkivs'ka Oblast', Ukraine

    • sequential art
    • Adobe Illustrator
    • Book Illustration

    Fantasy & Sci-Fi Illustration

    The reality of the Fantasy: covers, book illustrations, concepts, maps -- investigation, invention -- eccentricity, originality

  • View Service Offered By Matthew Johns

    Matthew Johns

    Caldicot, Wales, United Kingdom

    • sequential art
    • Artist
    • Comic Art

    Comic book Graphic Novel Artwork

    I specialise in creating exciting and compelling comic art pages. I can work from any type of script, whether highly detailed or a plot outline, and like to communicate with my writers throughout the ...

  • View Service Offered By Juliano Sousa

    Juliano Sousa

    Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil

    • sequential art
    • Art
    • Comics

    Comic Penciler

    Create comic pages from a provided script, digitally or in traditional pencil. In a wide range of styles, from cartoon, to manga, to superhero comics style.

  • View Service Offered By heruaji


    Yogyakarta, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta, Indonesia

    • sequential art
    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Cartooning

    Comic and Sequential Art

    I can help you visualize your story and make it real. I offer full process production (pencil, ink and color)

  • View Service Offered By nsterken


    Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, United States

    • sequential art
    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Apple Os

    Sequential Art, Story Boarding

    Sequential art is visual storytelling in printed form: a sort of movie on a page. The writer and artist work together to create this unique narrative and the sky is literally the limit. I have experi...

  • View Service Offered By Raj.C


    Agartala, Tripura, India

    • sequential art
    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Artist

    Comic Book Illustrator

    I am an comic book illustrator. I do story boarding, pencils, inks and colors as well. In short I can provide a full art service of making comics.

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Hire Freelance Sequential Artists

Sequential art refers to graphical illustrations and drawings that are arranged sequentially for the purpose of conveying a story. This type of art is used in comic strips and comic books where a series of illustrations are depicted in a specific order to tell a story. Sequential art combines character sketches, designs, drawing and writing to put together a logical series of events. Sequential artists are often skilled in visual graphics, narratives and pictorial representations. They make use of several techniques to give visual appeal to their art. If you require sequential art for your business or personal projects, you can go for sequential artists for hire who can help you with your requirements.

What Sequential Artists Do?

Sequential artists closely work with concept developers to create descriptive background and character illustrations. They have extremely proficient drawing skills and can draw human bodies and other objects with the utmost precision. In a lot of cases, sequential art not only tells stories but also provides a lighthearted discourse on several moral, cultural and political issues. Hence, sequential artists also create extremely intelligent illustrations to depict these scenarios. They are particularly skilled at depicting human emotions and situations between consecutive illustrations. This helps indicate continuity and adds a logical flow to the story. With the increasing publication of comic books and web comics, people having particular skills for this purpose are in high demand. Hence, sequential artists can usually provide high-end illustrations for comic strips published on the web as well as books, magazines and newspapers.

If you are planning to create a story where you require sequential art, you might want to consider sequential artists for hire. They are sufficiently skilled to illustrate your characters and situations properly. However, you need to ensure that your freelancer has:

  • A strong portfolio of working on different kinds of illustrations for various purposes.

  • Good skills in hand drawings and can draw human figures in different stages of emotions and mobility with very high accuracy.

Qualifications of Sequential Artists

It is ideal that your freelancer has the following skills:

  • An undergraduate or postgraduate degree in art, with a strong emphasis on drawings and illustrations

  • Knowledge of various techniques used in art and graphics along with a proven track record of putting this knowledge into action

  • Examples of sequential art work done for various clients with demonstrated ability to understand the context of the story and depict it appropriately

Benefits of Freelance Sequential Artists

If you are looking for sequential artists for hire, you can connect with them on some of the best websites to find freelance work, like Guru. Freelancers have the experience of working with different clients in creating various types of illustrations. The best sequential artists positively imbibe this learning experience in becoming better and more skilled in their domain.

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